It's easy: Fill out the order form or send me an email at contact[at]raveninkcovers.com and we'll talk about your needs and ideas for your cover. Already have an idea of what you want or some examples? Great - just send them along. After receiving the information, I'll get back to you with the first concept for your cover and we'll go from there.
Customs start at €205 (depending on the option you choose).
I offer a 10% discount for series continuation after the first cover.
I'm open to all genres.
We'll start with gathering information through the order form - what's your story about, genre, characters, important symbols and themes, examples of covers you like and all ideas you might already have for your cover. Once I have all the information, I'll start with the first draft and we'll work on from there.
I have a fairly flexible schedule, so just message me and we'll talk about it.
Usually around five days, but it depends on feedback and revision rounds.
You can send me an email at contact[at]raveninkcovers.com, use the contact form or FB Messenger
Included are up to three rounds of revisions, which start after the approval of the initial concept and there are no limits on how many changes we make per round.