What I Do

I offer custom and premade book cover design, both ebook and print.

You can also order add-ons like bookmarks, social media graphics and ads/teasers.

You can take a look at my services here.

About Me

Hi! I'm Jessica, a cover designer who mostly works in the genres Paranormal Romance (PNR), PNR Reverse Harem, Dark Romance and Urban Fantasy.

It's my goal to create covers that you not only love, but that also meets the expactations of your readers and fits with your genre.

Check out my portfolio to get an idea of my style.

Things To Keep In Mind

Your cover is one of your best marketing tools - it's purpose is to catch the attention of your readers.

Genre first - your cover should tell your readers in an instant which genre to expect.

Be clear - colors and fonts should reflect your genre and the tone of your story.

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